TikTok launches new Gamified Branded Effects ad units

Anne Freier | July 23, 2020

App Business

TikTok wants to make in-app ads even more engaging with the launch of Gamified Branded Effects.

The new ad unit lets brands use interactive gamified effects which users can play around with and add to their own channels.

It’s meant to be a more fun, engaging solutions for TikTok users whilst giving brands a chance to show off their messaging.

The launch comes at a time when interest in gaming on TikTok has increased over 200% since 2019.

So what do these ad unit allow users to do exactly? The gamified formats could be used for users to control elements on-screen through facial expressions and body moments.

There are currently some 20 types of formats available on the platform. These can be customised by brands for their campaigns.

However, templates do not include music. Instead, advertisers will be able to supply their own licensed soundtracks or choose from TikTok’s Commercial Music Library.

When a user posts the effect to their own profile, they can add their own music or leave the one as provided by the advertiser.

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