TikTok launches in-video search function

Anne Freier | September 25, 2019

App Business

TikTok has apparently launched an in-video search function, according to Matthew Brennan, a technology writer, and speaker specialising in the Chinese market.

According to a tweet, the addition allows users to search for a face to find more videos of a user. The function can be used to search for products depicted in the video.

For example, an influencer may be wearing a dress that users can directly search for from the video and buy from within the app.

TikTok has been working hard to diversify its advertising and shopping offers.

Parent Bytedance this month revealed a range of new video advertising creation tools. The TikTok AdStudio is an app designed for overseas users of TikTok whilst Juliang Chuangyi caters to its domestic market.

Both apps provide marketers with the tools and information to create effective video ads. Users can search for video ad-related content using the apps to improve the quality of their own video ads.

The apps also include courses to create eye-catching videos and analysis tools to monitor campaign performance.

It’s true that TikTok is already attracting major interest from eCommerce brands. Flipkart, for example, generated over three billion views in three days using TikTok’s video creation tools.

“We have also partnered with TikTok, to reach out to the new-age audience, through a challenge underpinning user-generated content. So far, the challenge has clocked in over 4.1billion views on the platform,” said Kalyan Krishnamurthy, chief executive of Flipkart.

The Indian eCommerce giant is already partnering with influencers to diversify its marketing approach.

Adding in-search video is likely going to be an attractive feature addition for both TikTok users and its advertising partners.

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