TikTok hits 2 billion in app downloads

TikTok has reached a new milestone as the app was downloaded more than 2 billion times worldwide from the App Store and Google Play Store, according to Sensor Tower data.

In December 2019, the app surpassed 1.5 billion downloads.

The rapid increase in downloads is driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and a greater number of app users finding ways to entertain themselves and others during lockdowns and isolation.

But the data also reveals that during Q1 2020, TikTok generated the most downloads for any app ever during the quarter with over 315 million installs.

At the forefront, driving the growth, was India with 611 million downloads to date or 30.3% of total downloads, followed by China at 9.7% and the US at 8.2%.

Google Play was responsible for the majority of downloads at 1.5 billion installs or 75.5% of total while the App Store generated 495.2 million downloads.

This is translating to a rise in revenue for the popular video app. Overall, user spend rose to $456.7 million which is 2.5x higher than back in December 2019.

The majority of user spending is happening in China at revenues of $331 million or 72.3% of total, followed by the US at 19% and UK at 2% of total revenues.

The App Store accounted for the lion share of revenues ($435.3 million).

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