TikTok faces renewed calls for a ban in India

Anne Freier

In App Business. July 16, 2019

Popular video app TiKTok and communications app Halo could be facing a ban in India as local political group Swadeshi Jagran Manch has renewed calls for the app to be banned in an effort to protect youngsters in the country.

India had previously banned TikTok in April 2019 over concerns that the app could encourage pornographic access and make children vulnerable to sexual predators.

In a letter addressed to prime minister Narendra Modi obtained by the Economic Times, Ashwani Mahajan of the Swadeshi Jagran Manch wrote:

“While we have extensive regulation on foreign funding in media, these applications under the garb of social media platforms circumvent our domestic rules that exist to protect national security.”

“To prevent such applications from operating in India, we would humbly request the creation of a new law that requires testing and also regulation to protect our national security as well as the privacy of Indian users from countries with inimical interests to India. Until such a law is notified, all such Chinese applications, including TikTok and Halo should be banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs.”

The previous ban on TikTok meant that existing users could still use the app, but India represents the app’s largest user base accounting for 53% of new installs in May 2019.