TikTok ads Ad Library tool to show best-performing app ads

TikTok just added a Ad Library tool that allows marketers to view the top performing ad campaigns across the app.

The ‘Top Ads’ feature aims to provide a better insight into which ad campaigns reach more users.

Ads can be filtered by vertical and region to make the search more relatable for brands and marketers.

For example, marketers can view auction ads by region and industries.

Results can then be further narrowed down by time (last seven days or 30 days) and performance (CTR, impressions, video view rate).

The results can be clicked on to get more information about an ad.

They can also take a look at popular trends and showcases.

The library tool is still in the early stages of development and some categories don’t have any examples just yet.

In addition, TikTok warns that ads featured are authorised by the advertisers which means that some top-performing ads may not be included here.

Nevertheless, it offers some good insights into well-performing ads and could serve as inspiration for marketers to adjust their campaigns.

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