Three Tips to Improve Mobile Advertising ROI

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Posted: March 6, 2017

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Singular recently announced the Top 20 Best Performing Mobile Ad Networks based on the world’s first ROI Index. Both Mobvista and its subsidiary NativeX are included on the list. As the only Chinese company on the list, Mobvista ranks 7th and 15th for iOS and Android respectively, while NativeX ranks 17th on the iOS list.
The mobile industry used to measure performance of mobile ad networks with criteria like ‘retention rate’ and ‘revenue’. Singular, as a new judge, uses a new criterion – ROI. What are we actually talking about with ROI? How do the world’s top 20 mobile ad networks do with ads?
1. Find a new weapon – native performance-based ads
Today’s latest weapon is native ads, which are unrivalled among performance-based ads.
According to a survey of IHS Technology, in the first half of last year, commissioned by the Facebook Audience Network, consumers are 20-60% more likely to engage with native ads than banners. Native ads are less likely to cause users’ aesthetic fatigue and lead to a higher click-through rate. The survey predicts that native ads will account for near 2/3 (63.2%) of all display ads on mobile devices.
Mobvista and its subsidiary NativeX, the pioneer of native ads in U.S., has created a custom native ad model for a variety of advertisers, including native feeds, native app wall, native interstitial and native splash etc. The above-mentioned native ads can reduce users’ aversion and improve brand value. With better ad engagement and performance, native ads can provide high exposure and conversion rate.
How do you achieve these goals though? Mobvista Mintegral is your answer – a native + video ad mediation platform, helping advertisers to target their audience for accurate ad distribution.
Samsung ESHOP’s native feeds at SHAREit
Native listing ads at SHAREit
2. Eliminate risks and remove barriers – anti-cheating
Advertisers care about whether their products are displayed in front of their users. Its transparency is related to whether advertisers feel safe and whether their money is well spent. Mobvista CTO Wang Ping said there are both challenges and opportunities in the mobile era.
In face of advertisers’ worries, the biggest opportunity is big data. With big data-based analytics, we can more accurately analyze each user and find each user’s characteristics in order to provide more accurate ad distribution for more reliable performance measurement.
Mobvista have an anti-cheating analysis system, which can identify and screen robotic behaviours. With the system, we help advertisers to reduce ad expense by $5w/day. In addition, we provide more user analysis results and reports, allowing advertisers to fully understand their ad distribution.
3. From end to end – post-install optimization
It is not enough to just stare at conversion rate in the post-performance era. Yang Ying, Mobvista director of business development in Asia, said advertisers also have a question: ‘did I pay for installs or users?’
At Mobvista, the transparent backend system and ever-upgrading data analytics power help with post-install ad tracking. We re-optimize the data that advertisers send to us. For example, we delete traffic which brings bad installs to ensure high quality traffic. It forms a virtuous cycle that keeps evolving and enhances ad performance each time.
For more information, you can visit the Mobvista site