Three abandons mobile ad blocker following threats and criticism

UK mobile carrier Three has decided to abandon its mobile ad blocker following criticism from Google and brands.
Three reverses decision on Ad Blockers
Three’s CMO Tom Malleschitz confirmed at London’s ad:tech event yesterday that the company was collaborating with Shine, the firm that provided its initial ad blocker, to create a more advertiser-friendly solution. Though initial trials of the ad blocker were successful with 86% of consumers satisfied, Three admits that blocking out marketers is not the right solution.
Malleschitz said:

“We don’t believe ad blocking is the solution. We are one of the biggest advertisers in the country and I know if I have annoyed you with my ad, I lose money. It is more about creating something that is inspiring and relevant.”

Indeed, Three even received threats in wake of its original ad blocking announcement. Malleschitz told MarketingWeek that Three plans to revive the mobile carrier advertising business by focusing on the consumer experience. Customers shouldn’t pay for data related to mobile adverts and privacy must be guaranteed. In addition, ads need to be relevant.
Malleschitz believes that Three can make things better in the UK. He adds:

“It’s not about ad blocking, its about big love and big hate. I love advertising but I hate it.”

Relevancy has become a key word in mobile advertising and marketers are more and more beginning to understand that bombarding consumers with ads for items unrelated to them results in zero impressions.
Malleschitz adds that Three offers better data than Google and Facebook:

“We know much more about customers and we have much better data. So if a marketer can understand how to translate this into a surprise and delight moment, there is huge opportunity. It sounds very old fashioned but we also have brick-and-mortar stores, something more young customers are getting involved with. Even Amazon and Google are interested in our stores. You are very close to your customer in store and with them you can transform an industry that is currently less loved than frozen food.”

If Three can come up with a solution that doesn’t eat away on consumer data plans, it will be one step closer to its goal of reviving the market.

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