Thomas Petit, Growth Team Member At 8fit, Discusses A/B Testing App Store Pages To Optimize Your Way To Success

George Osborn | October 13, 2016

App Marketing

Petit A:B Testing

A/B testing is an essential part of the app marketing skill set. Any app marketer able to effectively A/B test will be find that they can easily identify what is (or isn’t working) and set about fixing or improving things.

Thomas Petit, Growth Team Member at 8fit, is one of those people who has mastered A/B testing. Rather than keeping his knowledge to himself though, Petit shared his insights on how to successfully A/B test App Store pages in London at the App Promotion Summit 2016 to make sure that your store listing sparkles and nabs you those all important extra installs.

But what did Petit tackle in his talk? Highlights include:

  • Insights into what you can (and can’t) A/B test on iTunes and Google Play.
  • The potential impact of A/B testing on your download figures.
  • Case studies that show the power of A/B testing (including one controversial example).

Ready to find out more? Check out Petit’s talk in full below.

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