Third of shoppers have made a purchase based on influencer content

Anne Freier | April 15, 2019

App Business

Incorrect content on a retailer’s or brand’s website or mobile app is stopping 98% of customers from completing their purchases, according to new research by Episerver on eCommerce shopping experiences. The finding shows just how important a well-crafted app or website can be for retailers.

At the same time, 52% of online shoppers who use social media have previously followed an influencer’s post and a third even made a purchase after seeing an influencer post.

Interestingly, just one in five consumers said their online purchases were pre-planned presenting a good opportunity for advertisers to target audiences when they may be most receptive to new products or actively searching for a product category.

Among the top three features a retailer should support, respondents rated free shopping (67%), shipping tracking (61%) and returns information (52%) as the most important.

Although 88% of online shoppers believe that personalised experiences are important, 93% believe that online anonymity is an even more vital part of the shopping process.

Meanwhile, roughly half of customers (46%) have previously failed to complete a purchase online because of too many options. One in 10 shoppers said they viewed items five or more times before they made a purchase.

Arguably, there is an opportunity here for retailers to simplify the experience.

The study also noted that marketplaces were among the top destination for shoppers regardless of whether they had a product in mind (46%) or not (39%).

Meanwhile, voice technologies are being picked up slowly with just 17% of shoppers using them to make purchases multiple times per month. 22% said they used voice technologies for product research purposes.

However, it is likely that more consumers will be using such technologies in the future for shopping purposes.

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