Third of mobile users delete buggy apps immediately

Anne Freer | November 13, 2020

App Business

Approximately one third of US app users (34%) would delete an app right away if they came across a software bug in it.

That’s according to new research from Global App Testing, a software testing solutions provider.

Based on a poll of 432 smartphone users, they found that 20% would also lose trust in a brand if they found a software bug.

Meanwhile, millennials value the quality of apps more than Gen Z users.

Some 36% of millennials would delete an app if they found a bug, while 32% said they would report the issue.

“This report reflects the high expectations for app-first companies in today’s consumer landscape. App users won’t settle for less when it comes to quality. COVID-19 has meant that they are using their phones more, making more purchases online and engaging more with the app market. What consumers don’t want is to be held back by glitchy software and buggy apps. Tech companies should recognise that users won’t stick around if their app is anything less than exceptional,” said Nicholas Roberts, Marketing Director at Global App Testing.

Other findings of the survey revealed that app users tend to value the opinion of other consumers with 42% saying they based their decision on App Store ratings.

Some 36% of smartphone users said that a bad App Store rating would keep them from downloading an app.

The good news is that over a third of smartphone users are now using more apps than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Around 55% download one to five apps per month but 76% also delete one to five apps in a month.

Half of users said they delete an app after downloading if it didn’t have the function they desired.

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