Third of Brits are ok with allowing brands to add logos to their social media photos

42% of British people would allow brands to put a logo with the words “sponsored by” on the bottom of their social media profile photo, according to new research from conducted by YouGov. Around 2,000 Brits were surveyed for the research which found that brand trust has significantly evolved over the last few years. Indeed, brands are now able to more effectively engage, but also harvest loyal consumers it appears.
The survey also found that 36% of Brits would allow a brand to do the same for each of their social media photos.
Another 39% said they would be happy to appear in a brand’s TV ad, whilst 37% would wear a shirt showing the branded logo every day for a month. A surprising 19% would do so for an entire year.
However, just 3% of British people would go as far as changing their name to that of a brand, and only 5% would get a tattoo honouring a brand. Another 6% would actually replace their middle name with that of a brand’s name.
Cas Paton, Managing Director of expalined:

“In the digital age, the connection between companies and consumers has become more intertwined. As a result, companies have been better able to gain an insight into those who truly represent as well as support them. Consequently, this has allowed them to identify and approach certain consumers to become ambassadors/advocates for the brand. What this research highlights is that there are certain sponsorship avenues which British consumers would be less inclined to accept and entertain when displaying their affection and endorsement for a brand”.

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