Things to Consider Before Developing a Mobile App

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Posted: July 11, 2016

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“Your mobile app strategy outlines user experience, expected performance, ROI generation and how it will be downloaded by a number of users worldwide.”

Seeing the rapid shift to mobile browsing, each of the brands is sparing no effort to develop an effective, engaging and user-centric mobile app. When you start planning a mobile app for your business, it’s important to realize that a business app is the mobile representation of who you are, what products and services you offer.

Though many business owners and organizations have mobile apps on priority on their to-do lists, putting it in action is considerably complex. Planning before launching is the key. There are a lot of answers you need to find out before reaching to app stores.

Mobile app development strategy

Here are few things to consider before developing a mobile app:

Decide Your Goals

A lesson from high school- being goal-oriented is the foremost step to success. Not only startups, but Fortune 500 companies also talk about their organizational goals for the year. When going mobile, analyze your business goals for a program.

Put yourself as a consumer first.  Later, as a vendor, just remember that an app can add business value only when it provides value to users/consumers. So, get clear answers to all these questions: Does your app only generate revenue streams for your organization? Or a greater user experience is your priority?

Set and prioritize your long-term and short-term goals before moving further ahead.

Understand your Target Audience

You are doing it for the audience, right? The next step is to understand who your target users are, what are their requirements, how technology-driven are they and so on. This process calls for a good level of research to gain a deeper understanding of the users as each of them has multiple needs, which vary industry to industry.

For instance, a user may like to access Zomato to find nearby café while the other person frequently uses it to search new places in the town, read customer reviews, explore restaurants in other cities, browse through pictures and others.

Consequently, the Zomato team considers and works for both kinds of users.

Choosing the right app development company

This is a part of the planning phase. Don’t try to be the master of everything; your company may not have the right expertise for developing a mobile app. In this case, it is recommended to pick an app development company with the right experience and right talents. With the world going online and mobile, you have a lot of web design and app development companies to select from.

Selecting a curated digital agency is like moving a step closer. Konstant Infosolutions is the destination for brands and businesses to stay ahead of the curve through their most customer-centric mobile apps.

What platforms you want to encompass?

After having a clear know-how of your target users, you must decide for the mobile platforms your app will run. Do you want a native, hybrid or cross-platform app? If native, do you want it to be launched on Apple Store or Google Play or Microsoft Store? Will a hybrid app serve your purpose (since you want to launch the app as early as possible)?

Plan for Multiple Releases

Technology revolves around new and so is business. People worldwide wish to see novel and unconventional after every month. In order to re-engage users to a mobile app, business groups must plan for frequent upgrades with prominently unique features. For the first few releases, work on the essentials and later, let the users feel ‘something amazing has come up.’

Few major releases, after a month or two, will continue to keep your users engaged for a longer time.

Monitor your Competitors 

We all do that. Whether it is an SME or popular brands, reconnoitering market trends and what your competitors are doing is extensively helpful. Before developing an app, do an extensive research on what’s in and likable, which will further give you an edge of starting with something that interests users.

Besides, there are many more custom-level analyses that vary from app to app, industry to industry, device to device and are a part of this planning process.

If you need any further assistance for app development or want to discuss on how to put forth your app idea into the market, contact the team of Konstant Infosolutions. They are globally known for providing focused and go-to solutions.

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