Things to Ask Yourself Before Developing an App

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Posted: June 6, 2017

Today the whole world is going crazy after mobile apps. Whether you are at home at work or even on vacation you are continuously using them. Smartphones are ruling our lives giving us the varied apps to run and use it and which is so beneficial that we just can’t leave them aside. Looking at the huge potential of apps in the near future every now and then one gets tempted to be an app entrepreneur. That is a good thing however let’s see what needs to be taken care of before you take the plunge. What things to consider or to ask yourself before building an app?

There are many people who just go follow the crowd without having proper understanding of what’s happening, same is the case with building a mobile app. When an idea strikes, first thing comes to a mind is to go put it into implementation. But one needs to make sure the concept is up to the trend and the features should be unique and useful to the end user.

After exhaustive research we found that these are the 8 things to ask before developing an app

  • Do you have the vision and mission? Before going into implementation make sure there is a vision for your business and some specific goals to achieve. A vision without a goal is baseless. It is to understand where you want to reach and what is that motto? Profit or nonprofit matters to developers but end user always look for something beneficial out of it. There are many good business minds which had no vision and so they didn’t land up anywhere.
  • Do you have well enough funds for building an app? With this question you need to ask one more question which is: are you new to this app game?  If yes then let me tell you it will cost you to the minimum for simple app but if you want to build some unique concept and with many different functionalities then it will cost quite a bit. No matter whether you build it internally or outsource mobile app development make sure to have enough funds ready so you don’t run out of money in between implementation of project. Match and plan everything in advance with targets. Don’t aim goals that are not practical and not possible.
  • What is your target audience? Will they actually turn to your real interested users? While having concept in mind to go for, one has to think what is the user base and what is your targeted location and what kind of audience you want should reach to your app and use it. You need to understand from user’s point of view. If you can nail it, you have won half the battle.
  • Market competition and research. Market research is must before any kind of implementation. Understand the competitors and learn what the demand is and how you can fill it by providing something unique so that you gain more users and can win the market.
  • What should you charge for your app and when will you get paid? After calculating every expense for developing app it comes to a thought what to charge for the app. It is suggested that keep the price low initially and then to raise the price a bit by adding or updating few things. If you can keep it free or implement a freemium model. Do not expect a quick ROI as return will take some time depending on a lot of things. There have been instances when the app went viral and the team behind it was rewarded handsomely in a matter of few days however in most of the cases it is a wait and watch process.
  • What is plan for launching your app? Building an app is still an easy process, but when it comes to launch it is a tough job. Thinking first 100 customers for your product or thinking to make ads in facebook. Keeping mindset from the buyer’s persona will help. Make good use of social media and do personal marketing as much as you can.
  • Do you have resources for marketing? You need to have your own marketing team who can do full time promotion work for your app. Marketing includes many things like social media, content marketing, press release, etc, hiring an external agency for marketing your app. Identify the platforms and the potential customers. How to attract customer’s attention towards your products? Work on that.
  • Find the right development partner and stay committed Last and the most important is find the partner who can support your product. Invest wisely in your product so that you gain best returns. Stay stable and progress continuously to the project. Don’t let the work stop in between due to lack of skills or resources, arrange everything well so that it keeps going till it gets finished. Testing is the final stage of development; don’t miss that, as it is one of the most important tasks.


Concluding with these 8 questions, here we come to an end and I hope you will take a step in the right direction towards progress after thorough evaluation. So optimize your unique concept, start implementing, make good competitive research, learn your targeted audience, hit it right with best marketing methods, launch it with pomp and show, have sound content and find the right partner to invest. This is it. All you need is to focus on your concept and move on the same path with constant speed.

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