The war on ad blocking is on! Brightcove launches Lift to help mobile video advertisers fight ad blockers

brightcove lift
Brightcove, the cloud solutions provider, is joining the war against ad blockers. The company recently announced the launch of Brightcove Lift – an optimisation solution that helps marketers combat ad blocking technology and ultimately grow their revenue by delivering TV-like video viewing experiences on mobile and other platforms.
Brightcove rolls out Lift
The platform delivers server-side ad insertion (SSAI) combined with its HTML5 player management service to serve better video ad experiences. The solution circumvents ad blockers by dynamically stitching ads into content streams in the cloud. Brightcove Lift comes integrated with servers such as Freewheel, SpotX, and LiveRail and is compliant with IAB VAST specifications. Mid-roll ads are enabled and marketers can even add features such as scrubber blocking and break enforcement.
David Mendels, CEO, Brightcove, explains:
david mendels

“We are living in a golden age of content with consumers benefiting from an unmatched selection of online and broadcast programming. We strongly believe that media companies have the right to monetize that content through ads. Consumers have long embraced free content in exchange for ads, and it is important to preserve this model in order for consumers to continue to have access to the range of free video content available today. But we also believe that consumers should not be forced to endure heavy video players, slow load times, high latency between ads and content, and frequent errors. Brightcove Lift provides a solution that helps ensure media companies can continue to be successful with ad-supported business models – and deliver a faster, better, more TV-like experience for consumers.”

The company claims that Lift has helped media companies improve video ad delivery by 50%.
Brendan Murphy, Product Manager, Video, at Vox Media, who tested the feature, says:
brendan murphy

“At Vox Media, providing a high quality audience experience is very important to all of our brands. When it comes to mobile video capabilities on our web properties, fast and smooth playback is our priority. With our previous OVP, we faced severe issues on Android ranging from slow video load times to complete playback failure. As a result, we chose to turn off ad delivery in an attempt to preserve user experience. With Brightcove Lift, we’ve seen significantly improved quality and consistency in the video playback experience across mobile devices which allowed us to re-enable ad delivery. Today, Brightcove is powering the majority of Vox Media’s online properties on mobile. Using Brightcove Lift, we are able to deliver a rich mobile ad experience without compromising user experience.”

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