The U.S. consumer packaged goods industry will spend $2.33b on mobile advertising in 2015

Andy Boxall

In Mobile Advertising. June 10, 2015

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It’s estimated the consumer products and consumer packaged goods industry will be responsible for 47% of the digital ad spend in the U.S. this year, spending around $2.33b.
By looking at research gathered by 4info and Catalina, it’s shown these mobile advertising campaigns created by consumer packaged goods brands will generate the following in-store revenues: An average of $29.90 worth of sales per one thousand impressions, or around $500m in total sales.
The CPG industry’s mobile ad push may attract total sales of $500m this year
However, the highest and lowest amounts used to produce these averages varies wildly, with the highest sales per thousand impressions coming in at $76.33, and the lowest just $3.09. The data came from 83 different mobile campaigns, each lasting an average of 12 weeks.
The same research also showed the growing importance of putting coupons and discount codes onto a mobile platform, and it’s estimated that in the U.S., 97.4 million adults will use a mobile device to redeem a coupon over the coming year.
Overall, these coupon promotions are expected to generate a massive $993,000 average in-store sales total in 2015. This figure is more than twice what’s expected from other brand-focused campaigns.