The Mobile Ad Mediation Landscape

Tony Myers | March 3, 2016

App Business


Mobile Ad mediation is a technology that sends advertising requests to multiple ad networks to ensure mobile publishers find the best available network to fill their ad slots. With ad mediation, publishers can manage, optimize and increase profitability of their inventory. The next Big Thing for mobile ad mediation in 2016 will be programmatic ad mediation.

Here is our ‘Landscape’ snapshot to some of the best mobile ad mediation platforms so publishers can increase their profit by forcing advertisers to compete over their inventory.

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You can also download the The Mobile Ad Mediation Landscape directly with all the links to key companies to help you to earn a profit for your app via advertising.

To find out more about ways to generate revenue from your app, check out our App Monetization Directoryfor a comprehensive list of services.

The Mobile Ad Mediation Landscape

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