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Posted: July 12, 2017

Mobile devices have drastically transformed our shopping experience, and they continue to play a significant role in how shoppers prefer to engage with brands online. Do you know that the number of mobile users globally is way more than the number of desktop users? In fact, a recent survey reveals that today apps are far more prominent than mobile websites.

Today we see a large number of shoppers use a shopping app for their e-commerce requirements; however, there are a few retailers who rather struggle to persuade customers even to download their mobile app. It must be understood that what shoppers wants a better mobile app experience.

Meanwhile, with more and more consumers using mobile e-commerce apps, many retailers are looking for ways to seamlessly connect their target customer through eCommerce mobile application. To satisfy this whooping demand of ecommerce mobile applications, top mobile app developers like Octal IT Solution offering all inclusive mcommerce solutions that meet modern day ecommerce industry’s standards.

These are a few tips to create a successful mobile e-commerce apps.

Devise an effective Mobile app strategy

To succeed in this arena, it is vital that retailers give significance to an efficient and cohesive mobile app strategy. Out there in the app stores, they are many worthless apps, and this is why users keep craving for a better mobile experience. Thus, it is better to make a detailed and cohesive strategy for your mobile initiatives and efforts.

Understand your target users well

Often retailers lose out on money and resources by depending on market research to develop apps instead of reaching out to consumers to understand their outlook and preferences. Instead of looking at historical data it is always better to go out and ask people how to use the tools.

So, it is better to take some time out and observe user behavior, like when they use your product or services. When you find them doing something unexpected, it is the time that you zero in and tries to find why that happened. When you understand user requirements well, you can form better hypotheses.

Select apt features for your app

Choosing the right features to incorporate in the app is significant in offering an excellent shopping app experience. One among them is push notifications, which come around as a prominent app feature, as consumers enjoy receiving targeted and relevant product offers from their favorite brands.

Other favorite features are the ability to zoom in on products, view alternate images and easy one-step checkouts. These features are immensely helpful for the customers in finding the products they are searching for in an efficient and time-friendly manner.

Go Native

Native app development offers the best results when considered the theme of speed and convenience. With a good and quality native app, you get superior performance, accessibility, interaction, responsiveness, speed and access to device functionality, which often lacks in the case of web-based applications, though the latter offers its own benefits such as broader mobile device coverage.

Consider current technology

Most retailers out there have outdated technology, and this limits them from delivering what they actually can. Thus, it is important that despite the technology you use, you must look at the underlying technology. There must be a data layer, an API layer, and a front-end layer to be scalable and flexible. Once evaluated what you have, you get to know what you are capable of delivering and what limits you.

Keep it Simple

An e-commerce app must be such that it helps your customers to find what they want. Thus, you must keep your app simple and intuitive. It works best to reduce cluttered interfaces with a brilliantly streamlined app. This way the shoppers get a better experience, thus inviting more conversions.

Never ignore customer relationships

Keeping the customer in mind, while building an app is certain to make it a success. Like, it will build quality relationships with the client. For customers nowadays, the mobile device is not just a phone; in fact, it’s a permanent part of their everyday lives. It is advised to devote some time to learn consumer likes and dislikes and value them.

Start by observing every move of your shoppers to find what they want from your brand. You can use data analysis for the same. Offering excellent customer support from within the app shows the customers that you value their loyalty.

Take Small Steps

It is always better to start small instead of being overly ambitious with app development goals as that way brands only end up hurting themselves. Begin by setting reachable targets, instead of putting all the features into an app and seeing what works. This way, you are going to confuse and annoy the shopper simply. Thus, it is important to focus on one thing that will be adding significant value to the customer’s experience, and build from there.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

The retailers must always consider the bigger picture. After all, mobile is often just one arm of a retailer’s operation. Hence, you must ensure that internal operations support a mobile app. After all, even the best app out there can’t make up for a poor in-store shopping experience. Thus, it is vital to never ignore the entire retail operation, even during app development.


Today, consumers have huge expectations from the mobile experience, and how they use retail mobile apps is evolving rapidly. Thus to stay ahead of the competitors and attract mobile shoppers, it is necessary that the retailers build deeper customer relationships, create more compelling loyalty programs and offer great customer experiences to make most of the benefits provided by retail mobile apps.

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