The Big Data behind Lab Cave’s ad mediation

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Posted: October 15, 2019

At Lab Cave we familiarized ourselves with the big data paradigm years ago, when we started building an analytics system for our mobile games. The system incorporates powerful data processing capabilities that are highly adaptable in order to address the need of our analytics, monetization and design departments. It allows us to collect and store our games’ data, that we later analyze in order to improve their performance. The constant collection and analysis of data has paved the way towards the current Big Data infrastructure that powers our Ad Mediation.

A distinguishing feature of our Ad Mediation platform is that since we do not have our own Ad Network, we do not push ads that benefit us into the user’s inventory thus allowing the users of our tool to better optimize their Ad revenue. The tool combines the functionalities of existing Ad Mediators with customized metrics. It is used to monetize all of Lab Cave’s games and, since it was developed by developers for developers, it can handle the needs that external users of the Lab Cave Ad Mediation platform may have. 

What Data Do We Feed?

The main data fed to Lab Cave’s tool are the statistics provided by ad networks through their APIs as well as the data collected from users’ interactions with the ads placed in the apps. The latter data is obtained from the SDK that is integrated in the respective app. 

In order to fully optimize the Ad revenue obtained through the platform, the listed eCPM values are based on real time data collection, customer behavior and the analytical models created by Lab Cave’s in-house Data Science team. In addition, the platform has a functionality that allows the user to customize their waterfall rules and override the self-optimized waterfall.

The data collected is also processed in order to create a panel within the tool that allows the user to track the historical progression of important figures such as the ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User), the revenue per impression, revenue per user, LTV for both Ads and IAPs and more, specific to the app and the respective store.

How Do We Process this Data?

Our mediation relies on cloud architecture – based on a combination of micro services and serverless systems – that allows us to collect, process and present data in real-time. The structure of the cloud architecture allows a certain agility to Lab Cave’s ad Mediation that help us to constantly adapt to user needs and the market trends. 

How Does Lab Cave Use the Data?

The collected data, always following GDPR guidelines, is used to improve the functionalities and performance of the Ad Mediation and to conduct data-based studies on how revenue and revenue insights can be optimized. Alongside the collected data, our teams also analyze user behavior in order to structure the platform’s interface to what the client wants to see.

Since we also use the Ad Mediation to monetize Lab Cave’s games, new functionalities are always tested on our games first and all features are constantly updated in order to keep Lab Cave at the forefront of the industry and keep improving the revenue of our clients.

Our Future and Yours

We want to offer our users the insights to make decisions from a single platform based on their data and that is why our system is constantly evolving. We can have, in a single tool, the ability to analyze users, their profiles, our ad revenue or IAPs and also provide you with the total LTV of your users.

Our clients give us ideas every day, that, in conjunction with the knowledge that we have been acquiring throughout these years, allow us to incorporate new features so we can offer a complete system that covers all the customers’ needs in a single platform.

In addition to the constant evolution of the analytical part, the next steps for the mediation are to offer the user a robust segmentation system, A / B testing and to combine the current waterfall with a unified auction or in-app bidding.

We’d love to show you what our mediation system can do, so if you are interested in hearing more about Lab Cave’s Ad Mediation platform and how we can help you optimize your Ad revenue, please feel free to get in touch or request a meeting at one of the many events Lab Cave attends attend. We hope to see you soon.

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