The App Analytics Landscape

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With over 3 million iOS and Android apps populating the landscape it is crucial for a developer to hire an app analytics company service to get their product noticed in a cluttered marketplace and onto a user’s mobile screen.

Every app development company has its own business goals, level of funding and market niche it develops apps for. Use this new ‘landscape snapshot’, available here as a direct PDF download, to check out some of the best  app analytics tools and services to help you measure, track and analyse your app usage.

Some key trends in app analytics:

  • App analytics becoming increasingly sophisticated as app and game publishers data requirements grow and new tools emerge in specific niches
  • In-app analytics helps generate data on user behavior inside an app
  • Ad tracking and user acquisition is another area which is generating a large amount of data for use in app analytics

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The App Analytics Landscape

The App Analytics Landscape_2

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