Tenjin partners with Chartio and Looker to provide enhanced insights for app marketers

Anne Freier | February 22, 2017

Mobile Advertising

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Source Tenjin

Tenjin, the San Francisco based mobile marketing business, just announced a partnership with Looker, which provides data analytics and Chartio, the cloud-based data exploration solution. Tenjin hopes to provide marketers with improved tools to analyse their data more effectively.
Looker provides a data platform that enables marketers and organisations to make better decisions. Nouras Haddad, Director of Alliances at Looker, explains that data is at the core of what drives many business decisions.

“Our partnership with Tenjin ensures that not only can app developers access data from across the complete user lifecycle, but that everyone in the organization can use it effectively.”


Source Looker

By adding data visualisation and analysis tools from Looker and Chartio to its own data infrastructure DataVault, app advertisers can generate some meaningful insights on their users’ lifecycles.
Ultimately, this should enable them to boost their ad spend and find more advanced ways to reach audiences.
Christopher Farm, Co-founder and CEO of Tenjin, says:

“With user acquisitions costs as high as they are, it’s crucial that app marketers have robust BI tools to help them identify, target and acquire high-value users. DataVault is the preferred solution for many leading app developers to help them gain user-level access to data from throughout the entire lifecycle. Through these partnerships with Chartio and Looker, we are now able to provide our customers with the industry’s most powerful visualization tools as well.”

Chartio is powering a simple data exploration tool which enables app developers to gain better insights by seeing their data visualised. Dave Fowler, founder and CEO, Chartio, adds:

“Chartio’s mission is to empower everyone within an organization to easily analyze and visualize their data without needing to know SQL or any other proprietary modeling languages. By using our powerful and intuitive interface to gain insights into the data from Tenjin’s DataVault, app developers will be able to make better decisions regarding their ad spend and overall app marketing campaigns.”

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