Tenjin launches new self-serve mobile advertising platform for app developers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. November 22, 2016

San Francisco mobile marketing firm, Tenjin, is launching a new self-serve mobile ad platform for app and game developers to help them track, analyse and optimise their marketing campaigns.
Tenjin’s CPX tool for campaign evaluation by metric
Source: tenjin.io
Recent feature additions to its platform now include mobile analytics, attribution and ad network data aggregation. In addition, the company announced a new structure for its pricing which it hopes will benefit smaller app makers and get them started in no time.
Tenjin has also made 12 million event analytics available for free per month, with each additional one million costing $300. The company’s API costs $500 a month.
Christopher Farm, Co-founder and CEO, Tenjin, says:
christopher farm

“Our goal was to make our powerful, feature-rich platform more accessible than ever before. While large app developers have the resources to integrate multiple solutions, small and mid-sized developers have struggled to get insight across all of their campaign sources in one place. Our new self-service solution gives small and mid-sized developers easy, instant access to the infrastructure they need in order to compete with even the most sophisticated and resource-rich developers.”

In addition, developers will be able to access Tenjin Data Vault which is a flexible, customisable data warehouse that offers direct access to user-level data. Unlimited plans will be available for $3,000 a month and feature historical data for DataVault and unlimited events in Analytics.
Founded by ex-Tapjoy employees in 2015, the company has been growing rapidly and now processes over $200m in ad spend and $40m in total ad revenues. It previously raised $2.5m from NetEase Capital, Y Combinator, Lightbank, and investors Eric Wu, David King, Herman Yang, and Waikit Lau.
Tenjin went through the Y Combinator incubator in 2014, and its customers include Yelp, Dots, NaturalMotion, Big Blue Bubble, Schoold and dozens more. The company recently raised $2.5 million, and investors include NetEase Capital, the venture arm of Chinese game publisher NetEase; Y Combinator; Lightbank, and angel investors Eric Wu, David King, Herman Yang, and Waikit Lau.
Mai Ho, Head of growth at Schoold, confirmed that the company had proven to be a key feature of its app’s growth.
mai ho

“No other solution helps us tie all the pieces together in order to get such an accurate and comprehensible view of our app marketing costs, performance and overall return on investment. By making the Tenjin platform available on a self-service basis, they are leveling the playing field to help small and medium-sized app developers go head-to-head with their larger counterparts, and that will ultimately lead to more innovation, better user experiences, and faster growth for the entire ecosystem.”

What Tenjin ultimately tries to do is give smaller app publishers access to a customisable data infrastructure that allows them to capture lifetime value users.