Team Internet COO, Stefan Wiegard on Using Domain/Direct Navigation Traffic for Mobile Affiliate Campaigns

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Posted: February 2, 2015

Team Internet is a direct navigation search and domain monetisation company that is majority owned by Matomy Media GroupStefan Wiegard is the Chief Operating Officer of Team InternetHe manages Team Internet’s direct navigation traffic marketplace business, DNTXWe caught up with Stefan to find out more about DNTX and their goals for 2015.
What is DNTX and how are you positioned in the market?
DNTX started as a direct navigation traffic exchange (thus the company name, DNTX) in 2012. Fast forward to today, and besides direct navigation traffic (also referred to as “domain traffic” or “type-in traffic”) you can also buy PPC and POP traffic on DNTX. The big difference to our competitors is that we have our own publisher product that strictly focuses on quality traffic. That’s why 90% of our advertisers are performance-driven affiliates.
What is Domain / Direct Navigation Traffic? Is it brand-safe?
Domain / Direct Navigation Traffic is a traffic stream outside of the well-known traffic sources like adwords or display. More specifically, it’s the method of navigating to a website by typing the URL directly into the address bar of a web browser, rather than using a search engine, directory or other referral source. This is also referred to as type-in traffic. This is how it works: a user types in a domain name and if the owner of the domain name uses our service, the user gets redirected to the landing page of the advertiser, or to a landing page with PPC ads. To see an example, search for: ‘‘. When it comes to brand-safety, DNTX allows you to target by keyword and category, as well as adult or non-adult, so we absolutely ensure brand safety.
Why is DNTX interesting for mobile affiliates and media buyers?
In 2013 about 20% of our traffic was mobile. Now, mobile makes up more than 40% of all traffic flowing through the DNTX platform, and is still growing. Any serious mobile affiliate or media buyer should consider DNTX as a traffic source.
What are some of the big trends you see this year in the direct navigation traffic sector? What are some trends that mobile affiliates and media buyers should be watching for in 2015?
The big trends we see right now are Pay Per Call and app installs. Both seem to work very well with DNTX traffic, and we have advertisers who spend mid four-figures a day buying that type traffic.
You note on your website that direct navigation traffic is the highest-performing traffic source. Why is that and how can mobile affiliates and media buyers take advantage of this high-converting traffic source?
If you compare domain traffic with search engine traffic, it’s easy to understand why direct navigation traffic is the highest-performing traffic source: If I search for nutrition products on a search engine and click on a result that doesn’t perfectly match my search query, it’s easy for me to press the back button on my keyboard and go back to the search engine and then click on the next result. With domain traffic, the situation is different: Someone types in a domain with a clear expectation intent to find information or products related to that domain name (otherwise he or she wouldn’t type in the domain name). Even if the advertiser’s landing page isn’t a perfect fit, there is no back button or competing ads. That’s why domain traffic has a very high time-on-site and a really high conversion rate.
What about pop traffic? How does DNTX help mobile affiliates and media buyers take advantage of this traffic source?
You can call it pop, overlay or interstitial. All of these ad types really get the visitor’s attention. If you use this attention in a clever way, you can make a lot of money with these ad types. We built the DNTX platform to be an efficient self-serve platform for buying pop traffic.
DNTX will get a new interface this year and we will add more traffic types (e.g., display). In addition, we are working on more exclusive publisher deals. In a sense, DNTX will become the one-stop solution for advertisers that want to buy high-performing, quality traffic.
Thanks Stefan for the interesting insights. Head over to the DNTX website for more.

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