Teads is rolling out mobile vertical video advertising for a 360 degree experience

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Teads, the mobile video advertising marketplace, just announced that it was now allowing advertisers to turn their existing TV ads into vertical video for Android and iOS devices. The addition of vertical video means that consumers can zoom in on a video and enlarge the picture, getting a full 360-degree experience.
Teads introduces 306 degree video advertising

Source: teads.tv
The Teads addition essentially modifies landscape videos to fit into a vertical format. Best of all: the feature is free for Teads clients as well as premium publishers using the firm’s ad server and SSP.
Helen Lin, President Digital Investment at Publicis Media, explains:
helen lin

“It’s great to see Teads’ continued innovation in the outstream space and this latest development with vertical video provides a real benefit for advertisers. Consumers are increasingly viewing vertical content on their mobile devices but it’s a heavy lift for brands to generate vertical video. Now that they can easily transform landscape creative into vertical, it stands to have a huge impact on how brands reach consumers on mobile.”

Vertical video is gaining ground as more smartphone users are now viewing videos on their mobile devices than ever before. According to Ooyala research, mobile video consumption grew over 56% between 2013 to 2016. Mobile now constitutes 48% of all video views on the platform, up 14% from 2015.
Mobile video is gaining ground
Source: mobyaffiliates.com
In part, the increase in views in driven by social media consumers and video tech innovation across influential social sites such as Snapchat and Faceboook. Mobile marketers are now playing catch up to deliver the adds that fit the screens. A study by Teads recently found that compared to TV landscape creatives on mobile, ad recall across vertical video was almost three times higher and people exposed to vertical video were also 39% more likely to have a positive brand opinion.
Bertrand Quesada, CEO, Teads, adds:

“Teads understands the unique challenges facing advertisers in a world that is quickly becoming mobile-first. We endeavor, as we always have, to ensure our clients are able to stay ahead of the latest consumer trends while reaching their audiences with innovative video formats in premium content environments. We are very excited to bring this advancement to the industry and anticipate it will have a tremendous effect on our customers’ ability to successfully reach users on their mobile devices.”

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