Teads integrates outstream video ads into iOS SDK

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Video advertising platform Teads has announced the availability of its mobile SDK for iOS devices, which brings its mobile Web-based outstream video ad tech to Apple devices. The SDK was launched back in March, and marked the first time outstream video ads were integrated in-app.
Teads now offers its video ads on iOS without using Apple’s own video player
teads video
In its press release, Teads states the new version makes it the only platform to deliver video ads on every type of device, and in all types of content. Adding outstream video ads on iOS is tricky, because the software insists on opening its own, full-screen viewer, but Teads technology overcomes this to provide a consistent platform-and-device agnostic experience.
Pierre Chappaz, executive chairman at Teads, said:

“Unlike many others who have attempted to overcome the ‘forced full-screen’ issue, we are able to integrate real video advertising within premium content, rather than just enhanced gifs or animated frames. We have been able to unlock significant levels of video ad inventory on mobile on a global scale and look forward to revolutionizing the industry with this innovative technology.”

Teads counts Forbes, Reuters, The Washington Post, Die Welt, The Guardian, and other big names among its partners, and they will be using the new features in the near future.

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