How to Find Target Audience for Your Mobile Ad Campaign

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Posted: December 15, 2016

Advertising is not an easy business. We all know that. It’s plenty of competitors making tricky strategic games to stand out; it’s a dynamic marketplace, in which everything can change in no time, and make you get or lose your audience’s attention.
So, how can advertisers reach their goals, with the lowest budget  possible, without wasting useful resources?
Unfortunately there’s not an easy path, but there are few steps you can make  to succeed in the online advertising market.

  • Analyze competitors’ ads. If they are succeeding in the market maybe they’ve found a good formula; take a moment to analyze what they have done before and what they are doing, to see if you can take something from their experience.
  • A/B testing. Try different advertising formats to see which one works for your kind of business. Set up a specific advertising budget for it and make some trials.
  • Launch specific Ad Campaigns for specific targets. Don’t try to create one campaign to get everyone’s attention. You just have to select a specific audience category and go for it, create an advertising campaign ad-hoc to reach them.
  • Choose the right channel. One sentence that you are going to read in every marketing book is: Not everyone uses internet! Now, that’s true, but you choose internet as a vehicle for some reasons right? It’s more direct, international and very adaptable to your needs and to customers ones. But, you have to understand who do you want to reach. Is he a teenager? Is he a businessman? Is he a farmer? Every user category has its own habits, in terms of researches on the web, time spent on internet, favorite browsers, websites or social media websites, and  you just have to find out their main traits to optimize your ad campaign accordingly.
  • Don’t be annoying. Websites are already full of annoying and intrusive advertising, they don’t need another one! Try to stand out from the crowd with a smart advertising rather than an invasive one, and make the difference. Advertisements that catch customer attentions are the best ones, and then, you have to persuade users to click on your ads and go to your websites. This should be your main goal : draw their attention.
  • Invest on it! Go through trial and error and learn from your mistakes. Analyze the market and select the target audience you’re interested in, then find a better solution to reach them and keep them interested in what you are offering.

After you’ve found your target audience and the kind of advertisement and language you need to use to communicate with them efficiently, you just have to find websites to advertise on.
You can, then, trust the experience of international advertising networks that will help you find a perfect match for your advertising campaigns.
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