Taptica helps Locojoy to drive downloads of latest mobile game

Anne Freier | February 12, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile ad platform, Taptica, has partnered with Locojoy, the Chinese mobile game developer and publisher, to leverage Taptica’s Facebook-accredited social offering to drive global downloads for its new mobile game Chrono Heroes.
Locojoy iPhone apps on the App Store
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Source: itunes.apple.com
Chrono Heroes is Locojoy’s fourth generation role-playing game that features 3D battle scenes, finger manipulation as well as team player battles.
Taptica has previously supported Locojoy’s release of games Heroes and Titans across US, Europe and Asia. During Q4 2015, Taptica delivered almost 40,000 installs for the game across a variety of devices and ROI of 120% on iOS. This has helped boost the game into the Top 10 game apps on the Apple App Store. Locojoy has also utilised Taptica’s ad expertise to market games League of Magic, Buried Town and Lucky Slots on social media.
Minghua Cui, VP, Locojoy, praises:

“Taptica has been a valuable partner for us and has supported our effort to drive the highest quality players to our apps. The mobile game market is gaining a higher level of sophistication and globalization, and Taptica allows us to stay on the edge of the industry while achieving our highest growth and ROI from each of our games.”

Locojoy has been able to establish a good presence in the Chinese gaming market. The country is predicted to become the world’s second-largest mobile gaming market in 2016. TechNavio forecast a growth of 21.4% between 2014-2019 for the gloabl mobile gaming market. Locojoy’s Epic Heroes has over 30m players and ranked in the Top 10 for global revenue. Its latest game release will be available in German, French and English versions.
Hagai Tal, CEO of Taptica, adds:
hagai tal

“Already worth 25 billion, further growth in the mobile gaming market will be contingent on finding the most relevant gamers and maximizing each gamer’s lifetime value. By working with us, Locojoy has and will continue to be in front of gamers of the highest caliber and value across the globe.”

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