Taptica designs new mobile analytics tool to improve mobile ad campaign targeting

Mobile user acquisition and targeting platform Taptica has launched a new mobile analytics tool, designed to give publishers and developers a deeper insight into user behaviour, for improved mobile advertising campaign targeting.
The analytics include data related to user behavior, ad impressions, in-app purchases, clicks, and conversions. This is then added to more specific demographic information on user age, location, and gender, plus what operating system was used.
Sigal Bareket, CEO and co-founder of Taptica, said:

“We are delighted to launch our latest analytical tool to the mobile market. Now ad agencies, brands, app developers, and others can make decisions about their mobile campaigns as a result of the real-time information provided by our proprietary technology.”

Taptica said the new features were already proving effective for its customers. It notes that clients have been able to identify which geographical regions are generating the most revenue from new users, and the data has helped pin down new and previously dismissed age groups to target.
Bareket continued:

“In a world where audiences are migrating from desktop to mobile in ever-increasing numbers, it’s imperative to track user behaviour in the cookie-less environment of mobile devices. That’s why we combined a data management platform with a demand side platform to allow our customers to achieve the best possible campaigns in the mobile era.”

Taptica’s database is made up of at least 200 million user profiles, gathered globally, with more than 100 data points on each one, taken from more than 10,000 mobile advertising campaigns. Last year, research carried out by Taptica showed mobile users who installed apps via native ads – which Taptica delivers – have a 35% higher LTV than those using other methods.
You can learn more about Taptica by visiting its company profile here.

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