Tapstream creates ‘Word of Mouth’ app user acquisition tool

Jamie Giggs | November 6, 2014

App Marketing

Tapstream have launched their new user acquisition tool Word of Mouth. Word of Mouth allows app developers to grow their user base through a drop-in referral program for their app. The tool works by rewarding existing users for referring new users to an app via text or email. A user who refers someone with Word of Mouth successfully gains in-app rewards for doing so. Tapstream says that 50% of users who download apps because of recommendations from friends and family are typically more engaged and of higher value to app marketers.
How Word of Mouth works
Slaven Radic, CEO of Tapstream, had this to say:
Slaven N

“The cost of user acquisition is becoming excessively expensive for all kinds of apps, and mobile marketers have been asking us for tools to help them tap into their existing user base. Word of Mouth helps deliver high-quality, new users at a fraction of the cost by encouraging current and happy users to share their sentiment with a friend.”

The rising user acquisition costs in the app marketing industry, coupled with the knowledge that more and more apps are competing in the same space, mean that standing out from the rest and growing a user base can be very challenging for app developers. Tapstream’s Word of Mouth hopes to solve that problem with a non-intrusive solution to increase downloads and installs.
For more information, check out the Tapstream profile in our directory. 

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