Tappx CMO, Martín Morillo Victorero on the Latest Trends in Mobile Advertising

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Partner Post - Tappx - Open cross-promotion platform

Posted: January 8, 2015

Tappx is an open cross-promotion platform for apps that’s transparent and made for app developers. Martín Morillo Victorero is the CMO and co-founder of Tappx. Before Tappx, Martín studied Business at the University of Barcelona and later specialized in Marketing at Ramon Llull University to continue with an eCommerce Master degree in EAE Business School. Martin has been linked with the digital world as a consultant for the last 8 years into ERP implementation projects, organizing international events and accelerating mobile ad-tech companies. We caught up with Martín to find out more about Tappx and their goals for 2015, and hear his views on the world of mobile advertising.
What is Tappx and how are you positioned in the market?
Tappx is an egalitarian open cross-promotion community for app developers where members acquire users for free by exchanging app promotion with other developers from around the world.
What results can developers and advertisers expect to see working with you?
They can increase their user base and active daily users without invest money.
What types of clients and partners do you work with?
From medium app developers studios that make new apps releases with us (normally boosting the new-one thanks to older big ones), to big development companies looking for traffic exchanges, passing through great independents developers doing awesome launches into the entertainment apps sector lately thanks to frameworks like Unity, Coco2D, PhoneGap or Titanium for example (all compatible with Tappx).
What are your goals for 2015 for tappx?
Keep helping app developers to reduce their acquisition cost, by doing it well the word of mouth and referencing will be the best advertisement campaign to keep growing. In less than one year we grew from 2 happy developers exchanging promotion to 2.000. And also offer them the ability of get more revenues monetizing with Tappx SSP (coming soon).
What other companies do you respect in the mobile advertising space?
Actually we are the only egalitarian open cross-promotion community for app developers. 🙂
What do you think the key trends are in the mobile ad market right now?
Seriously I think that the industry should help small and medium app developers, they are the 80% of the industry but they earn 20% of it. We help them by acquiring users and growing easily, but still we know they need better monetization partnerships, fast integration technologies and fear deals.
You are based in Barcelona – do you think this is a good place for mobile and app startups?
It’s a great place to be, I saw how during the last years startups had been choosing Barcelona. Actually there are a lot of mobile ad-tech companies here and thanks to MWC and other tons of events happening along the year we’re creating an awesome mobile hub city.
What mobile devices do you use?
Our community is available for Android, iOS and FirefoxOS apps, with mobile and tablets promotion. I use all this devices daily to check apps, user experiences, ad-spaces into appropriate moments, etc.
What’s your favorite mobile app/ game?
New ones :). I like investigating and analyzing new developments or creative ideas more than using one single app for long. However I like taking pictures so the Camera and EyeEm are my favorite apps I think.
Will you buy an Apple Watch?
Sure, for how much? I think it will be really useful to check texts or notifications without needing to take your phone with you all the time.
Thanks Martín for the interesting insights. Head over to the Tappx website for more or check out the Tappx profile in our directory

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