Tapjoy launches new features for offerwall to help app developers customize their monetization strategies

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 11, 2017

Tapjoy, the mobile advertising and app marketing platform, today launched a set of new features for its ad offerwall, including Custom Exchange Rates and Permanent Currency Sales.
The new tools will be expanding upon Tapjoy’s Offerwall Plus and allow app developers to boost their ad revenue by customizing their own monetization strategies for different user groups. This ensures that loyal app or game users can be rewarded whilst new users may be more enticed to hang around.
In conjunction, Tapjoy also recently revealed new research that highlights best practices for developers to integrate, promote and customize in-app offerwalls during the Holiday season.
The “Tips to Maximize Offerwall Revenue During the Holidays” report reveals just what kind of impact an offerwall can have on application revenue. Aside from incremental ad-based revenue, offerwalls also help publishers to boost their in-app payment revenue.
Date from Tapjoy’s publisher network also found that in-app spending per users was 172% higher during the first week after offerwall engagement.
Meanwhile, apps which are monetizing rewarded video ads alone can only generate around half of their revenue per unique ad viewer compared to apps that monetize through videos and offerwall combined.
The new Offerwall Plus includes opt-in and rewarded ads selected from hundreds of brands and ad partners. This enables app users to earn free virtual currency by engaging with ads of their choice.
The feature includes custom exchange rates, which can be set according to demographics. For example, a new user may earn 100 coins for watching a video trailer, whilst a more mature gamer receives 200 coins for the same action. This ensures that loyal users are being rewarded and allows for the conversion of players into paying users.
In addition, the Payment Currency Sales addition makes it easier to implement rules-based currency sales to target certain user groups on an ongoing basis. Currency sales are just another type of user promotion whereby they can earn virtual currencies for engaging with ads.
Permanent currency sales can be targeted toward specific user demographics and incentivize user loyalty and boost re-engagement.
According to the Tapjoy report, participating in a three-day long currency sales boosted daily revenue of an app by four times and increased lift by 89%.

“We found that temporarily increasing our virtual currency exchange rate not only led to a significant boost in ad revenue, but also proved to stimulate the app’s economy and drive a sustained lift in ad conversions,” explained Yuta Nozowa, Chief Marketing Officer of PONOS. “Tapjoy’s Offerwall Plus makes it easy for our team to experiment with different currency sale exchange rates and user targeting to consistently drive optimal revenue for our apps.”