Tapjoy launches Interplay Studio for expanded support for mobile in-app campaigns

Tapjoy, the mobile advertising platform, has announced the launch of Interplay Studio, where an in-house design team will be helping brands and marketers to optimize their ads for applications.
The company has long been an expert in mobile gaming and advertising to develop custom-branded and contextually relevant rich media ads, playables and interactive end cards for mobile video ads.
Campaigns designed by the Interplay Studio during testing showed 3-5x greater click-through rates compared to traditional mobile video ads. They delivered in-ad engagement times of almost 30 seconds.
The new team consists of 10 creative and video specialists right now. These will be able to support creative advertising and campaigns from creation to long-term performance.
In addition, the new Interactive Studio also provides reports for advertisers to gain more detailed data on how much time the players spend with the app, their level of engagement and click-through rates.

“Tapjoy understands the in-app mobile gaming experience better than anyone, and by launching the Interplay Studio, we aim to take our white glove support to the next level by helping clients customize and optimize their campaigns for these environments. Our goal is to create experiences that are engaging, interactive, and — above all — fun.” said Meghan McAdams, Tapjoy’s vice president of brand sales. “The Interplay Studio combines our deep roots in mobile gaming with award-winning design and a data-driven approach to deliver unrivaled performance for brand advertisers.”

Interplay adverts run within unique in-app environments such as natural breaks in gameplay or in exchange for premium content or in-game goods. These ensure high levels of engagement and brand safety.
To ensure that the ads perform well for mobile gamers, the Interplay Studio also taps into the gamer’s mindset with a focus on fun and engaging ads.
By providing ads that are optimized for mobile gaming environments, advertisers can focus on targeting the right audiences.
Among its first campaigns, the Interplay Studio recently worked with 20th Century Fox’s “Ferdinand” movie via media agency Vizeum. Tapjoy’s Interplay Studio created an in-app mobile campaign aimed at driving audience engagement and ticket sales. Three custom Interactive End Card and playable rich media ad units were developed.
Average video completion rates for all three campaigns were a whopping 97%, with the average time spent with ad units being an additional 30 seconds after a 30 second trailer.
Izzy Hedges, EVP of International Media for Vizeum, explains:

“The creative they deployed was so delightfully fun and enjoyable that families couldn’t help but engage. Most impressive to see was the post-reward ad engagement: over a minute in total! This really speaks to Tapjoy’s skill in understanding what their audience responds to and delivering creative accordingly.”

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