Tapjoy and Moat partner to boost viewability and attention measurements across mobile in-app adverts

Tapjoy, the mobile advertising and app developer platform, has just partnered with SaaS analytics and measurement company Moat in order to focus on providing independent viewability and attention measurements for video ads on Tapjoy’s in-app inventory.
Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-Founder of Moat, explains that attention is a key metric for advertisers to capture.

“[M]obile gaming represents a unique opportunity to capture that attention. We’re proud to partner with Tapjoy to provide viewability and attention measurement on their mobile gaming apps and offer advertisers greater transparency into performance in these environments.”

According to previous measurements, Tapjoy’s product model is boosting attention and engagement for mobile gaming apps and has outperformed mobile industry benchmarks for viewability, completion and audibility rates.
Tapjoy in-app video ads increased viewability by up to 98% during Q1 2017, whilst completion rates were 81%. In addition, the company has reported high rates for Audibility and Viewability On Completion (AVOC) to ensure that marketers can be confident about their investment.
Tapjoy says that the Maximum Impact Platform lets customers access premium content and rewards within mobile games in exchange for viewing videos and ad engagements.
Indeed, according to research by Nielsen Media Labs, commissioned by Jun Group, earlier this year, 54% of US Internet users prefer adverts which offer a value exchange, and 29% also enjoy ad-supported content, compared to just 16% wanting to pay for content in order to avoid ads.

That means a value exchange between brands and audiences may offer higher engagement with ads. According to research by Tapjoy, rewarded ads are most effective within gaming apps, because users are more engaged to begin with compared to other app categories.
Shannon Jessup, Chief Revenue Officer of Tapjoy, adds:

“We applaud Moat’s initiatives in building the independent measurement tools required to help the mobile ad industry reach its full potential. Our existing advertising clients already know that our opt-in, high-definition, rewarded video ads deliver exceptional results, which is why they continually re-invest their budgets with us. The availability of Moat’s measurement data should go a long way towards helping new brands benefit from our proven model as well.”