TapHeaven launches automated self-service DSP for mobile advertisers

TapHeaven, an ad technology firm, announced the launch of Sonar Intelligence (SI), a self-service DSP for mobile advertisers. The solution combines unique buying algorithms for ad exchanges and first party data. It automatically optimises campaigns, helping to predict ROI more effectively and drive user acquisition.
TapHeaven is the creator of the first machine-assisted, self-service DSP
Source: tapheaven.com
Backed by VentureLab, the company says that its test phase customers saved up to 50% in user acquisition costs through the SI. Chris Hoyt, CEO, TapHeaven, explains:

“Last year we asked some of the largest app publishers in the world to describe the features of their dream mobile ad solution. The result is our TapHeaven platform with SI, and through it, we’re giving advertisers as much control and transparency as they have with desktop ads. By combining advanced tools with machine intelligence, we allow advertisers to finally go after mobile’s massive $25 billion ad opportunity.”

TapHeaven’s SI not only measures customer value, but allows marketers to control automation and add their own data to the process, drawing upon the weaknesses of TapHeaven’s competitors. Hoyt adds:

“What we’ve built is the first self-service DSP with fully controllable automation. The customer can actually take their marketing rules and processes, their KPIs, and build that through a sophisticated trigger system that automates their entire workflow but leaves them in full control.”

The solution is part of a self-service dashboard and includes features such as: actionable guidance on campaigns, performance alerts, automated and real-time campaign optimisation, campaign segmentation and customisable targeting.

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