TapFwd leverages Drawbridge technology to connect clients with more powerful mobile data

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Digital identity company, Drawbridge, has just announced that mobile data platform TapFwd will be utilising the Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph in order to help clients find out which offline and online data points are the most relevant for a particular mobile device.
Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph
Source: drawbridge.com
Alex Wasserman, CEO and Co-Founder of TapFwd, says:
alex wasserman

“Incorporating Drawbridge’s cross-device identity data into Cerebro, the technology that powers our mobile data marketplace, helps us more accurately determine which offline and online data attributes should be associated with a mobile device. With Drawbridge as a partner, we come one step closer to our goal of offering mobile ad networks, publishers, and marketers the most holistic and precise mobile data available.”

Customers of TapFwd’s mobile data marketplace currently have access to over 250bn data points that cover 500m mobile devices. This enables them to build audience segments in selecting categories such as automotive, financial, purchase history and demographics. Once the audience has been defined, the client can export that data and use it to run mobile ads across various platforms.
The Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph on the other hand, connects over one billion consumers across three billion devices. It was also found to be 97.3% precise in connecting consumers across devices by Nielsen. Drawbridge’s data is being leveraged by agencies, brands and enterprise software firms worldwide.
Rahul Bafna, VP of Product Management and Partnerships, Drawbridge, adds:
rahul bafna

“As marketers seek to deliver more personalized customer experiences on the internet, the applications for digital identity continue to grow. TapFwd is a great example of a company that can take our cross-device graph and apply it to their own data in order to provide marketers with the best possible audiences for their own use cases. Enabling partners to more easily tailor a graph for different applications – in this case, audience extension across devices – adds a layer of transparency and control to this entire process.”

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