Tapdaq launches new mobile advertising mediation platform

Anne Freier | December 5, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Tapdaq, the London-based mobile advertising company, last week rolled out a new ad mediation platform.
Tapdaq rolls out new ad mediation solution
Source: tapdaq.com
The new platform features server-to-server integration that enables developers to access advertising networks which were previously not accessible to them. Tapdaq explains that the feature that makes a mediation platform stand out is ensuring in-app advertising can become a profitable business for app developers.
The new platform aims to do just that and provides a single dashboard for easy management and optimisation acros ad monetisation efforts. In addition, the software aggregates various advertising sources and prioritise the highest paying demand, which increases competition between advertisers and ultimately drives fill rates and eCPMs for developers.
Dom Bracher, CPO and co-founder of Tapdaq, explains:
dom bracher

“We want to restore faith in the industry by giving developers an unbiased platform they can rely on to select the actual highest paying demand source, every time. By taking control of ad mediation through implementing an honest and reliable platform like ours, developers are given the power and insight they need to stay in control of their ad strategy and will maximise revenue.”

The new server-to-server integrations enable developers to tap into new ad networks they have not previously accessed. Indeed, new ad sources can also be added without resubmitting an app to the store. This results in less bandwidth usage compared to other platforms whilst offering solid performance for users.
In addition, app marketers can view earnings in real-time, monitor their ad analytics and control their ad strategy via the server side dashboard to ensure ad placements are optimised.
For more information, Ted Nash, CEO and Co-Founder of Tapdaq, recently spoke with Business of Apps about the benefits and issues surrounding ad mediation.