Talkwalker launches influencer marketing measurement platform

Anne Freier

In Influencer. November 9, 2018

Social listening and analytics platform Talkwalker just announced the roll-out of a new influencer marketing measurement tool. The Influencer One lets brands and marketers manage and monitor their influencer marketing campaigns, using Talkwalker’s social data analytics to assess impact of a campaign.

Measuring the success of influencer marketing can be a difficult task, given the wealth of social data available.

“We’re now evolving that industry,” explained Robert Glaesener CEO of Talkwalker. “With influencer marketing standing as a billion-dollar cornerstone for many marketing strategies, we wanted to provide a hub that would centralize and efficiently manage global influencer marketing efforts. Influencer One provides the complete solution, and demonstrates to big brands the real impact of their influencer marketing.”

Influencer One provides a single platform that makes it easier for teams to manage influencers and campaigns from one hub.

“Influencer One is part of our strategy to drive market leadership through innovation,” added Glaesener. “Over 200,000 people around the world now use our analytics tools. Today we bring our in-depth understanding of the marketing and PR industry to influencer marketing. With our strong technological edge in the digital communication marketplace, we are focused on providing one complete analytical solution. Ensuring all our clients can easily protect, measure and promote their brands.”

The company said that it plans to launch additional campaign measurement tools for influencer marketing campaigns in the near future.