Take this Mobile Survey and Win a Pixel Phone or an Oculus Rift Headset

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Posted: December 21, 2016

VisionMobile_SoN survey_1200x630_fb_prizes
The State of the Developer Nation is a global survey made by developers, for developers. In its 12th edition which is currently live (closing December 28), it’s investigating hot development topics such as popular tools, new technologies, developer skills and salaries. If you’re involved in software development for mobile, IoT, desktop, backend, web dev, augmented/virtual reality, or machine learning and have 15 minutes to invest, this is the survey for you!
When you complete the survey you’ll receive a personal scorecard showing how you compare to other developers in your country. What’s more, you’ll also receive a free copy of the report with analysis of key survey findings in your inbox, come February. Last but not least, there is a large list of amazing prizes you can win a draw. Have a look at some of the prizes on the list:

  • Pixel Phone 32GB
  • 2 Surface Pro 3 tablets
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Oculus Rift headset

What are you waiting for? Take the survey today.