TabMo partners with Integral Ad Science to boost mobile ad verification

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 23, 2017

Mobile DSP TabMo and Integral Ad Science (IAS), the company that provides ad measurement and analytics to boost ad verification and optimization, have announced a pre-bid integration for TabMo’s Hawk platform.
By partnering, the Hawk platform now features improved brand safety performance for mobile in-app and web campaigns, fraud detection and viewability targeting for mobile web inventory.
Chris Childs, Managing Director at TabMo UK, says:

“Mobile advertising is a completely different ecosystem than desktop, and this also concerns brand safety, fraud and viewability. IAS is widely recognized as an industry leader, making them a logical partner in the effort to increase mobile media quality. We are happy to give mobile marketers self-serve capabilities to improve their ad segmentation on a pre-bid basis, and eager to continue working with IAS to address mobile marketing issues across mobile web and in-app inventory.”

The integration allows media companies and brands to leverage the Hawk DSP to target consumers as they normally would. However, the added benefit is that they can see IAS viewability pre-bid segments ahead of submitting a bid on an impression. Therefore, ad placements can be targeted based on viewability rate.
Nick Morley, EMEA Managing Director at IAS, adds:

“TabMo’s combination of rich creative capabilities and programmatic buying on a mobile DSP is truly innovative in the DSP marketplace, and we’re glad to partner with them to help mobile marketers improve their media quality.”