TabMo launches footfall tracking technology to measure mobile ad exposures

Mobile-first ad company TabMo has launched the latest version of its footfall-tracking technology to measure store visits and marketing spend.

In-Store Impact is available as a self-serve option for brands and retailers to manage their own campaigns. It was originally launched back in 2018.

The updated version includes real-time data integrations for physical store visits and added insights such as distance travelled by shoppers to retail outlets, and their exposure to mobile, audio and digital-out-of-home ad channels.

These features ensure that ads can be optimised in real time and advertisers can split their budgets and targeting to allow for more effective budget allocation from store visits.

“As retailers across the world enter uncharted territory following the global pandemic, it’s more essential than ever that they have immediate access to data that indicates the success of a campaign,” said Renaud Biet, co-founder of TabMo. “Armed with this insight, they can make informed decisions about the advertising activity that is most effective, both to restart their business and to validate advertising spend.”

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