Tablets market declining as phablets are consumers’ preferred choice

With ever more consumers choosing phablets over tablets, the worldwide tablet market is now showing signs of decline.
According to research from the International Data Corporation (IDC), 49.6 million tablets were shipped during Q4 2017. That’s a drop of 7.9% when compared to the 53.8 million which were shipped in Q4 2016.
At the same time, shipments during 2017 dropped 6.5% to 163.5 million from 174.9 million the year before.
Apple continues to lead sales throughout 2017. The company even noted a slight increase of 0.6% the year over.
Amazon managed to jump ahead of Samsung for the first time during Q4 2017. The eCommerce company reached 7.7 million in shipments – a growth of 50.3%. Samsung noted a drop of 13% in shipments.
Huawei was the only other company – besides Apple and Amazon – which saw an increase in tablet shipments during the quarter.
Apple also led in total shipments with 43.8 million, followed by Samsung at 24.9 million – a drop of 6.4%. Amazon ranked third with 16.7 million tablets shipped.
Lauren Guenveur, senior research analyst for IDC’s Devices and Displays team, explained:

“Many of these products are being introduced at the premium end of the market. What remains glaringly sparse, and needed, are strong players in the mid-segment of the market.”

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