Syntonic expands sponsored mobile advertising solution into Southeast Asia

Anne Freier | February 22, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile platform service provider, Syntonic, has unveiled an updated version of its sponsored data app, Freeway by Syntonic, which is currently only available to AT&T customers in the US. From Q1 2016, the app will also be available in Southeast Asia and offer native app support or sponsored data services.
The Freeway app essentially lets marketers move beyond the mobile connectivity barrier and reach mobile audiences through wireless, offering free content that is sponsored. Consumers download the app and immediately are able to access certain apps and sponsored content. The expansion into Asia means mobile operators can now offer subscribers free mobile access to popular messaging and social media apps including Clash of Clans, WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat, and Twitter.
Freeway connects consumers to free mobile content in exchange for viewing sponsored ads
According to research from Synergy, sponsored data is set to become a $6bn market in Asia and $23bn business worldwide by 2019. Southeast Asia has some of the highest concentrations of smartphone devices, particularly in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. Given the large amount of prepaid data plans in these countries, Syntonic Freeway offers an interesting value proposition for consumers and marketers alike. According to a World Bank report, 98% of Indonesia’s mobile plans are prepaid, meaning that users have to ration their data services.
Freeway let’s consumers access additional content outside of their data plans. Powered by Syntonic’s Connected Services Platform, a cloud-based content delivery and access system, the app lets publishers or advertisers pay for mobile data usage for specified apps or sites. Mobile advertisers leverage the technology by paying for data to view content or download an app, interact with specific content or target a certain demographic or type of consumer.
Gary Greenbaum, Co-founder and CEO, Syntonic, says:
gary greenbaum

“We believe 2016 is the year of sponsored data. Southeast Asia is emerging as the world’s largest and most active prepaid data market, and consumers have demonstrated an enormous appetite for accessing mobile content and applications. The market has all the right conditions to make significant progress in sponsored data innovations and business models. Freeway by Syntonic is the most complete sponsored data platform in the market, and we plan to lead the charge in revolutionizing how mobile content is discovered, consumed, and monetized.”

For now, Syntonic will provide the sponsored data support for selected apps WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat, Twitter, Clash of Clans. It plans to expand its content partnerships throughout the year.

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