Synative rolls out solution to more easily create mobile playable ads

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. September 24, 2018

The majority of app developer and marketers find playable ad formats to be more effective than other ad types. Now, Synative, the programmatic playable ad provider, has launched an interactive ad creation solution that lets marketers create playable ads for Facebook, Unity Ads and Google Ads.

The Synative Playable Studio provides an easy solution to creating playable ads through a simple click and drag interface. As such it is suitable for app developers with all skill levels.

The Studio makes it easy to upload video, images, audio and other content. Playable ads can then be easily exported for social media or ad network launch. Creative can be played with looping, linear timeline or multiple options.

“We found that when we talk to other mobile marketers, they were looking for the next exciting technology that would help them succeed in the upcoming years,” explains Cynthia Du, co-founder of Synative. “We knew playables would be the next step in mobile advertising if the tools to easily create them were built. We’re lucky to have a great development team that has created a tool that makes it super easy and fun to create and share a playable ad and we’re ready to share it with those in the mobile gaming market and with other mobile marketing groups.”

Initial beta testing with game companies including Goodgames Studios, Oasis Games and Efun earlier this year demonstrated significant growth with click-through rates that were 400% higher than average and better retention compared to mobile video ads.