Swrve announces real-time data sharing platform

Jamie Giggs | November 27, 2014

App Marketing

Swrve has launched what it claims to be the world’s first open platform for mobile marketing automation. The ‘Swrve Open Platform’ centres on real-time data sharing between other marketing solutions such as Marketo and Tableau, allowing Swrve to synchronize mobile events and data between them.
Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve, had this to say:

“Most CMOs know they need to have a mobile strategy as part of a comprehensive omni-channel marketing plan. With Swrve’s new Open Platform, app and digital marketers will find it easy to integrate Swrve with their existing marketing technology systems.”

Key companies participating in the Swrve Open Platform include Eloqua, TUNE, Lytics, AppsFlyer, Converser, Nexmo, AD-X and Apsalar, in addition to others. The result is that mobile data related to specific consumers can now become part of the existing marketing intelligence system. Swrve has also announced that the platform will process external data for targeting of mobile campaigns, with push notifications, in-app messages, and more.
For more information you can visit Swrve here, or check out the Swrve profile on our directory. 

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