Swrve announces Advanced Targeting Technologies to drive app revenue growth

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Swrve, the mobile marketing automation platform, recently announced the launch of its Advanced Targeting Technologies for mobile app marketing. The solution enables customers to create an infinite number of target groups within their app user base. It combines parameters such as purchase history, demographics, user behaviour among others.
Swrve customers can now benefit from Advanced Targeting options
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Source: swrve.com
Damon Gura, CEO of DGN Games, which makes the social casino game Old Vegas Slots and increased Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU) by 35% using Advanced Targeting Technology, says:

“The real power of Swrve has always been in the segmentation. Just being able to send a campaign isn’t enough. Swrve enables us to factor in the recency of any event or a combination of events when targeting campaigns, meaning they are ultra-effective when it comes to driving mobile revenue.”

Advanced Targeting enables marketers to target users Inside the app, when they first performed a certain event or by window of time. Parameters can be adapted to match users. Ultimately that means marketers are able to create a more tailored ad experience, relevant to the individual and based on their habits and personality.
Christopher S. Dean, CEO, Swrve, adds:

“At Swrve we’re all about one thing, delivering the most personal app experience possible. By bringing together real-time data analysis and actionable marketing, and extending the ways in which marketers can use that data to target app users and personalize all communications, we’re enabling our customers to generate measurable revenue increases through their mobile apps.”

Swrve recently announced its platform outperformed competition based on quality, after a test by data analytics firm MixRank. Swrve apps rated 20% higher on the App Store and 7% higher on Google Play. The company has been busy opening a new EU data center to eliminate app data overseas transfer risks. Yesterday, it announced the appointment of Martin Doettling as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

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