Survey reveals consumers find desktop adverts more engaging than mobile ads

According to research by WATConsult, mobile adverts may be less engaging than desktop ads.
It’s a serious finding considering that a majority of people now use smartphones to view ads (75%) compared to just 42% viewing them on desktops. The majority of these consumers are also now on 4G connections, followed by 3G and WiFi. They use their mobile devices mostly to access social networks, emails, wallets and view video contents.
The survey also revealed that 48% of respondents prefer social media ads. Video ads, email and search ads rank second, third and fourth within mobile formats.
The report examined consumer perception and effectiveness of mobile ads and is the third of its kind by WATInsights.
Among the advertising categories scoring the highest clicks from consumers are clothing and footwear, electronics, books and entertainment. Meanwhile, jewellery, pharmaceuticals and insurance fail to make the cut.
The survey notes that many respondents feel that mobile ads are intrusive or irrelevant.
However, the findings are specific to India and may not hold true for other countries.
Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult explains:

“India is going through a phase of rapid explosion in web content and internet technology and people are beginning to acknowledge the convenience internet provides today. After the roll-out of 4G, the usage has only increased at a dizzying pace. With ad spends on mobile expected to grow at a rate of 59% CAGR by 2020, our research is an attempt to put forward the consumer’s point of view about mobile ads, thus helping marketers plan better campaigns.”

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