Supersonic merges into ironSource to provide unified app advertising solution

Having merged with mobile advertising firm Supersonic in September 2015, app monetization company ironSource today announced the unification of the two companies, which, from now on, will be known as ironSource. Gil Shoham, former CEO of Supersonic, joins the newly merged company as CRO.
ironSource provides rewarded video ads for app developers
ironSource says that the rebrand is in line with the merging and integration of each company’s products to create one single end-to-end solution for developers that combines app monetization features with marketing and monitoring. Whilst Supersonic launched a diverse range of product lines over the year, it’s perhaps become all a bit too messy with sub-brands taking away focus from the ironSource brand.
Omer Kaplan, CMO and Co-Founder, Supersonic, adds:
omer kaplan

“The goal of the merger with Supersonic was always to create a single consolidated partner developers could turn to for all their app needs, and we’ve dedicated the last six months to unifying our products, operations and branding to that end. The fact that we’ve seen such amazing growth following the merger – both on the monetization and marketing side – proves that developers are hungry for a one-stop-shop partner in a fragmented mobile ecosystem.”

Indeed, since merging, ironSource has experience a surge in publisher signings for its mediation SSP. 10 out of the top 50 grossing apps are using the platform to monetize, it says. ironSource adds that it now controls 40% of the global rewarded video advertising market and is ranked second largest network worldwide, ahead of Google and Twitter in terms of install volume.
He adds that the rename will include a rebrand including a new logo, graphics language and updated messaging.
Gil Shoham, CRO and Co-Founder of ironSource, adds:

“The merger was just the first step in becoming the go-to platform for developers looking to turn their apps into really successful businesses. We’ve continued innovating, expanding into new areas like data infrastructure, and our focus moving forward will be to continue adding to the products and services we offer developers, helping them better understand and engage with their users.”

Through the mediation SSP and unified monetization SDK, developers can now mediate across rewarded and display demand. More recently, ironSource has added big data tools for app developers and launched Atom Data Flow Management, which lets developers access in-app user behavior to tailor their campaigns.
Kaplan concludes:

“If we want to see a sustainable future for digital content in an industry plagued by user dissatisfaction and ad blocking on the one hand, and fraud and viewability on the other, we need to see several things – among them strong independent players able to offer viable alternatives to giants like Google and Facebook, innovative ad formats which are user-initiated and provide real value as opposed to being disruptive, and greater transparency and accountability for the marketers and advertisers keeping this industry funded. With a single unified brand, supported by multiple products, we are in a position to be the partner of choice for market leading players looking to capitalize on digital content.”

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