Study finds that 36% of movie video content is being shared through mobile devices

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According to new research from mobile and multi-channel advertising company, RadiumOne, 36% of video content from movie websites is being shared using smartphones and tablets.
Having analysed over 262,000 instances of content shared from film-related websites via the sharing widgets that appear around articles, the data also shows that action movies are shared more often on mobile (54%) through social networks or messaging apps.
Indeed, sharing differs greatly by genre. Family films are the least reliant to be shared on mobile (15%), whilst comedy films rely on reviews (32%) and dramas least so (14%).
Sharing of movie content by genre
The figures also show that 80% of movie content is being shared through Dark Social channels such as email, instant messaging and text, compared to just 15% going through social networks.
When sharing, users tend to increase their posts in the build up to a film’s release, peaking at around a day or two before a movie releases.
Craig Tuck, UK managing director, RadiumOne, explains:
craig tuck

“Whilst the trailer will always be a pivotal part of marketing films, the rise of user-generated content, online word of mouth, apps and countless ways to stream content presents a huge challenge when trying to understand what marketing channels are driving ticket sales. Film marketers need to ensure they pay attention to the other 75% of viral content being shared that could be harnessed to drive people to the cinema rather than waiting for release on home video formats. It’s also vital to realise that the perfect mix will differ significantly by genre – a successful recipe for promoting an action film could have a very different flavour for that of a drama, for example.”

Tuck adds that marketers can really benefit from the sharing behaviour of movie fans. He says:

“It indicates a strong degree of intent among important ‘hand raisers’ but also a valuable additional layer of audience – the people they identify as also being interested by sharing content with them. Both groups can be targeted with relevant messages across the web – whatever sites they may be visiting – but it’s vital not to focus only on social networks as marketers’ risk missing up to 80% of their potential audience who engage in Dark Social sharing.”

RadiumOne aren’t the first to note a strong connection between video content and sharing behaviour. It appears that mobile video viewing is generally connected more strongly towards video sharing. According to a survey by the IAB in 2012, of 200 mobile video viewers, 92% said they shared the mobile video content with others.
Among their favourite sharing tools was Facebook or similar sites (56%).
Perhaps most interestingly, 16% of respondents shared video content daily, compared to 33% weekly. At least two-thirds shared content at least once a month.
Mobile video viewers share content frequently
Consumer sharing behaviour could represent a goldmine for marketers. The more they can encourage content to travel ‘by mouth’ the more likely it is they will reach a diverse audience and consumers who were previously unreachable.

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