Strategic Markets to Rock Mobile Performance Ad Campaigns With

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Partner Post - Billy Mobile The Leading Affiliate Platform

Posted: August 16, 2017

David Jordan, Performance Director at Billy Mobile.

Performance Marketing, specially in Mobile Affiliation, is a very short-term and money driven industry. Mobile content and lead generation advertising demand usually gets a very close up daily analysis based on opportunities, offers, payouts and time-framed conversion rates. This approach makes networks and publishers lose the big picture and miss long term trends that really matter.
While advertisers are expecting quick ROI on their marketing investments, things already started to change and business vision is getting a new perspective: We all understand that real winners will be those who position themselves as leaders in traffic quality, fraud detection and that concentrate all efforts in being strong in high growing markets that probably won’t explode in ROI the next 2 hours or the next 2 days but which are already the place to be for the next months and probably next years.
Then, when I am talking about Countries on fire, I don’t mean GEO targets that will make you explode your performance campaigns and afterwards will roll back down to zero. It is not a list of simple opportunities. I want to tell you about what we identified in Billy as strategic markets where you will rock today and will continue to grow months afterwords as a publisher or network. This is my shortlist of picks that you should start to extend your business (if you weren’t already).

  • From Asia: Sri Lanka and Indonesia
  • From Latam: Brazil and Argentina
  • From Africa: Nigeria and Tunisia


If you have already signed up in the marketplace of the Leading Affiliate Platform you will find the best offers of these countries here. If not, you can first sign up here.
It’s difficult to fit all these markets into a single tag, as they have such different cultural backgrounds, business and internet ecosystems. Anyhow, they have a few contact points that are key for mobile performance:

  • The smartphone adoption happened a couple of years later than other countries but it took by storm from 2016 and it is still on-going.
  • The demographic structure of the population is much younger than world average.
  • Online subscriptions and e-commerce were long way behind traditional economy but it has a double digit quarterly growth since last year.
  • They are getting less attention compared to other crowded performance markets like India, South Africa or Thailand.

For example, let’s take Nigeria from our list. While the smartphone penetration in the population was around 10% in 2013 while other countries from the continent like South Africa were at almost 30% in the same year. In the following years South Africa followed an stable growth until a 45% penetration today and Nigeria already reached 29% but it still has a significantly larger room to grow and we are talking about the highest populated country in Africa with estimations to beat US population at some point in the next 25 years. (source Deloitte/GSMA).
This is the time to start thinking in long term growth projections markets and leave aside the daily craziness of short sighted revenue opportunities.

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