Stirista expands mobile optimisation features

Stirista the data-powered digital advertising firm just announced the expansion of its display advertising suite through mobile optimisation. The move is in line with higher demand for mobile advertising services.
Stirista launches mobile optimisation
The addition lets clients customise their target audiences by choosing from 360+ demographic filters using the company’s proprietary B2B and B2C databases. Marketing experts get to adjust their campaigns based on the best suitable marketing channels.
The expansion means that marketers can more optimally capture mobile moments when a target audience is engaged. Channels include email, social media as well as display advertising.
Ajay Gupta, CEO, Stirista, says:
ajay gupta

“What we find is that more and more campaigns have a propensity for mobile viewing, and we’re optimizing our strategies to make the most out of those opportunities.”

Stirista says campaigns can be adjusted for mobile with audiences across a wide variety of platforms.
Blaine Britten, Digital Services Manager, Stirista, adds:
blaine britten

“It’s really the data that makes the difference. We can take a specific audience and serve them ads across multiple platforms and devices, even for mobile, that’s true multi-channel marketing.”

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