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Partner Post - Adperio Premier Mobile Acquisition Partner

Posted: June 27, 2016

Matthew Lord is the Chief Strategy Officer for Adperio, a mobile acquisition company based in Denver.
Matthew Lord
I was pleasantly surprised to find Adperio featured in Built in Colorado’s 15 Colorado Tech Companies Thriving for More than 15 Years this week. That honor actually sells us a bit short though, as we will celebrate our 22nd year this July. But what does it mean to have this kind of longevity as a company?
Adperio team

First, the stats: Over 70% of our team have been with us for more than three years. Close to 30% have been with Adperio for over seven years. Impressive retention, sure, and a lot of years under our belt. That’s not just digital experience that benefits our clients, it’s also a team that has worked and grown together over the years. We’re a family tested and conditioned to leverage all of our individual strengths and insights to make a whole that is stronger than its parts.
Less than 1% of all businesses last 22 years. We’ve beaten the odds through adaptability and learning from each new phase of our industry. We were at the dawn of digital advertising when there was only desktop. Now we are a mobile-first company delivering acquisition to some of the most disruptive brands and addictive games in the world. We rode every wave of evolution in digital marketing, and each – especially the boom of Facebook gaming in the early part of the decade – informs how we approach mobile.
The years have also meant time to develop new products and services, and this may be our greatest advantage as we work with our advertiser and publisher partners. We understand our advertisers’ needs because we have been and are an advertiser ourselves. Same on the publisher side of the business. Years mean developing technologies and teams that support our mission to deliver quality installs, such as custom compliance tools. In addition, we have spun off wholly new divisions to meet the complex ecosystem of advertiser needs, like Ignite, our OPM, and Adperio Media.
While Adperio has always been an active participant in the evolution of digital media, we also know that each subsequent wave moves faster than the last. Each is embedded with the accumulated knowledge of what came before. Combined with new tools and technologies, we have insight into engagement and retention metrics like never before. We are mobile experts not only because we were in mobile from the beginning, but because we were here before mobile. And all the advancements and the speed of the industry means it never feels old. It never feels like 22 years. Every day feels new.

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